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The Building Blocks of Prevention is a workbook for parents to complete with their children and appropriate for children ages 4-11 or children functioning within that age range. This workbook helps parents discuss anatomically correct body parts, grooming behaviors, unsafe people, touches, and more with their child! We took research explaining what helps children tell of their abuse and transformed those reasons into their preventative forms.

The Building Blocks of Prevention Workbook - Matte Version

  • We wanted to create a product that kept giving the gift of prevention. This workbook is made specifically for parents to complete with their child over and over again to build the prevention skill.  

    Please use a pencil to get the most out of the workbook.

    The workbook comes in a 8.5x11 size, with the abilty to flip to one page at a time, allowing for optimal focus from the child.  

    Please know that erasing the answers will slowly degrade the material over time. 

Bulk Orders

If your organization is looking to purchase 50 or more workbooks, please contact us directly for a personalized quote. 

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