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About Us

Established in 2022 and officially incorporated as an LLC in September 2023, Prevention Starts with Parents is dedicated to educating and empowering parents and caregivers. We firmly believe that informed parents are protective parents. Our mission is to provide essential knowledge on child sexual abuse risks and prevention strategies, ensuring that every child's safety is a top priority.

Our Vision

At Prevention Starts with Parents, we envision a world where every child grows up in a safe and nurturing environment. We aim to empower parents and caregivers with knowledge, tools, and resources to protect their children from the threat of sexual abuse. We envision a future where every child's innocence is preserved, and their well-being is prioritized, thanks to the commitment of parents and caregivers.


Meet Our Founder

Alison Sutherland is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. With a career spanning various sectors, she has accumulated extensive expertise in Child Abuse and Prevention. Her experience includes roles in Child Protective Services, Juvenile Court, Victim's Advocacy within Law Enforcement, and most recently, as a Forensic Interviewer. Alison is committed to safeguarding children and making a positive impact in the field of child protection.

Advocacy, Investigations, and
Family Support

Alison has various professional and personal experiences that allow her to have helpful perspectives towards the criminal justice system. 

  • Most recently a forensic interviewer in 2020 and trained in Child First protocol, she is trained to understand the complexities of child abuse investigations and how to properly communicate with children about the abuse and neglect they have suffered or witnessed.

  • She is a military spouse of 6 years. She has also served military families in a professional capacity, working near several military installations as a victim’s advocate and child protective services investigator. Criminal investigations involving a military member can necessitate separate procedures, but it can also mean more resources are available to the victim if they are a dependent of a military member.

  • She had the privilege of working under two different Juvenile Judges in neighboring circuits.
    Well-trained in juvenile court procedure, she handled cases related to dependency, truancy, delinquency, and family treatment courts.

  • Recently, she served as a crime victim’s coordinator with a police department. Working closely with detectives and patrol, this role provided her insight into how law enforcement and advocacy can complement each other. She comprehends the barriers that officers and detectives face as they bridge
    a report of child abuse to its prosecution referral.

  • Her initial professional role was as a child protective services investigator, delving into various abuse and neglect cases. She understands the limitations case managers and investigators encounter, yet knows how to employ creativity to ensure children's safety while serving families. This is despite policy, procedural constraints, or a lack of immediate resources.

  • With years of professional experience in substance abuse, drug trends, drug use, and addiction, she gained expertise through specific roles in the court system. Having spent a lot of professional time with addicts and individuals identified through the criminal justice system, she has insight into child hood trauma, drug use and risk factors in children and adults.

  • She has accumulated almost 500 hours of related training and observed/participated in nearly 1000 hours of juvenile, superior, and magistrate court procedures.

  • Additionally, she embraces the role of a mother! Balancing her specific professional background with the challenges and joys shared by every parent while navigating the journey of raising a child.

"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers."
Proverbs 21:15 

Empowering Parents, Protecting Children

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Disclaimer: Any resources available through Prevention Starts with Parents are not a substitute for contacting law enforcement or a child protection agency if you suspect abuse or neglect. If you or your child are in imminent danger, please call 911 immediately. The resources provided are intended solely for educational purposes and support in preventing child sexual abuse. These resources are built on best practice, research and experience. They do not guarantee any desired outcome or promise.

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